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Got broadband? Get ipClouds VoIP!

You're barely using your broadband connection if you don’t have ipClouds VoIP!

ipClouds VoIP lets you make calls to anywhere in the world for free with no monthly subscription, no call rates and no limits!

How do we do it?

We’re taking the latest voice over internet technology, bundling it with our award winning adaptor and giving you your very own 0845 number to get you started. You can then sit in wonder as you make calls and receive them using a regular telephone over your broadband connection!

So how else can you use ipClouds VoIP?

Well obviously you can make calls for free across our network but did you know ipClouds VoIP travels with you wherever you have a broadband connection? Just take the ipClouds VoIP adaptor with you wherever you go, plug in any available handset and voila your instantly reachable anywhere in the world with your ipClouds VoIP number. What’s more is that anyone calling you just pays the cost of a local rate 0845 call! Unless of course they’re using ipClouds VoIP too in which case they’ll pay nothing!

Maybe you have relatives abroad. Get them ipClouds VoIP and you can now call them for the same price you call the local Chinese take away down the road. Or even better, get yourself our unbeatable twin pack and you can call each other for free!

So get your broadband connection out of the slow lane and into the ipClouds VoIP lane and start making your broadband work for you!

» Includes must-have features - voicemail delivered as email attachments, web-based control over call treatments, and all the basics including Caller ID.

» Voice quality & unmatched security - Unlike other providers, our voice service is carried exclusively over our private network and the networks of our partners, which enables voice call prioritization that ensures crystal-clear call quality.

» Intelligent Customer Service - U.K.-based specialists who are pros at helping broadband customers like you are standing by 24/7. The person who answers your service call is the person who solves your service issue.

All ipClouds VoIP hardware packages come with our easy to use adaptor which lets you use your normal telephone on our network. No PC, headset or extra hardware needed!

ipClouds VoIP

ipClouds VoIP

ipClouds VoIP

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